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The Magic Wand Called System Restore

12 June 2015

If you’ve messed up your PC and are tired of trying to figure out just what it is exactly you have done, you have an option called System Restore to get it back in shape without really doing any other troubleshooting steps.

But what is it that System Restore really does?

You can liken system to a magic wand that you can wave to have your decrepit and cluttered home transformed back to the sparkly clean beautiful house you once had when it was still new. The only difference is that it will restore your computer to its previous settings as well as any other files you have backed up for that specific purpose. Of course, the actual restoration process takes longer than a wand wave.

As a user you have the option of creating a new restore point manually, or just restore your system to its original configuration. Note though that you can’t count on System Restore in case of a hard drive failure.

Image via fsse8info

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