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On Extended Warranties

5 February 2015

extended warrantyElectronic equipment like computers have a way of breaking down right when the warranty expires. This obviously shows that PC manufacturers know their business well and so offer warranties knowing that most of what they sell won’t break down within that period. So does this mean that getting an extended warranty is a waste of money? After all, manufacturers must also know that the chances of them profiting from the extended warranty is a sure shot.

When it comes to extended warranties, many opt not to buy one especially if they have plans of getting a new laptop the next year. However, it might be a smart move to buy extended warranty if you plan on keeping your computer for more than a year. This is especially true if you know nothing about troubleshooting PCs since the small amount you put in can save you a lot later in case your computer has a major breakdown or needs to replaced entirely. In the end, you won’t have to borrow money for a new computer or for costly parts because it’ll be covered by your extended warranty.

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