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Installing a New OS on Your PC

10 July 2015

Ubuntu desktopPC troubleshooting does not always deal with problematic computers that mysteriously boot up or freeze, instead you sometimes merely want something new like a completely different operating system. Whatever your reason for installing a new OS might be, be it part of an experiment to go open source or simply being tired of the blue screen of death, you need to learn how to install a new OS properly to avoid any future problems.

Installing an OS on your PC is quite easy, so you don’t really need to take out your credit card to pay a computer technician to do this. All you need is a copy of the OS you like, be it a CD or on a USB stick, back up all your important data before wiping your harddisk clean, boot up using the install CD/USB stick, and follow the instructions on your screen. You’ll be asked for information like the product ID, your name, preferences and such. Just be sure to enter them correctly and re-install all the other software and apps you need and you’ll be good to go.

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